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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

    • Q. What can my foundmi tracker do?
    • A. Check out all your awesome features:
    •     - Phone disappear again? Find your phone by double-clicking the button on your foundmi product!
    •     - Keys stuck in a couch cushion somewhere? Use the foundmi app on your phone to find them.
    •     - Need to take a group picture? Set your phone up and use your foundmi to snap the perfect shot!

    • Q. How do I charge my foundmi tracker?
    • A. Gotta tracker? Your foundmi has a user replaceable battery. When you foundmi battery starts to die, you can replace it with any CR2032 battery.

    • Q. What can my foundmi wallet do?
    • A. Check out how foundmi makes your wallet safer:
    •    - Drop detection means that if your wallet slips out of your pocket, you get an alert telling you! No more dropped and lost wallets!
    •    - Geofencing makes sure you know if you're about to leave your wallet behind! Get an alert when it leaves your Bluetooth range
    •    - Not sure if you left your wallet at home? If you missed the alert that you left your wallet's range, don't worry! Just check the foundmi app and it'll keep track of it's last known location.
    •    - If you misplace your wallet and you're still in range you can use your foundmi app to give it a ring, making it easy to find!

    • Q. How do I charge my foundmi wallet?
    • A. Gotta wallet? Your foundmi wallet is completely rechargeable. Just use the included charger and your wallet will be ready to go for up to 3-5 days.

    • Q. Will foundmi products work with my phone/tablet?
    • A. All foundmi products work with iOS and Android devices. For the full list of supported devices click here.

    • Q. What is the warranty policy?
    • A. Please find more details about warranty here

    • Q. Do I need internet access to use my foundmi?
    • A. Yes, an internet connection is required.

  • Q. I've got a question that wasn't answered here!
  • A. Don't worry! We're always happy to help out! You can check out our About page or User guide for more info, and if you can't find the answer (or just want to say hi) contact us here.

Device & Application Support

    • Can I connect my foundmi to multiple devices
      • No the Foundmi can only be paired with one Bluetooth enables device/application at a time.
    • How many foundmis can I add and have active?
      • Bluetooth can handle up to 10 devices.
    • Is my foundmi secure from others ?
      • Yes, they can only be paired with one Bluetooth enabled device/application at a time
    • How far can I track my foundmi?
      • foundmi has a range of 100 feet but can be shortened due to interference in your environment.
    • How do I use the remote selfie function
      • Simply open up the camera icon on the bottom of the app and the button on your foundmi will captures a photo. You can read more details here
    • Forgot my password?
      • If you cant remember your password just click the “Forgot Password" on the account info screen. You can read more details here
    • What app do I need to download for my foundMi?
    • What Battery does foundMi use?
      • CR2032
    • How long does the battery last?
      • With normal use it should last up to 6 months.